Monday, 10 December 2018

Line training with Byker

New gear day.  New canicross belt (the foam padded style that was popular years ago), new single towline, and even a running harness for Byker.  I'll have to do a bit more of this, canicross style line training just with Byker.  as he get's older, it's becoming more difficult to exercise the three dogs together:

Before anyone complains, yes I know that he's a young dog, and I'm certainly not thrashing him - I'm too out of condition for that to even be possible by Cani-X.  I hope to gradually get fitter, as he gets older and bigger.

But doesn't he look smart in his new rainbow running harness:

And it's not all work and training.  Because he's young, even during these sessions, I let him have a run around, and an explore, while practicing a little recall and basic training.  After all, that's the point of having a doggy dog like a pointer cross, rather than a siberian husky.  You can throw a stick for them, let them run around, and even expect them to safely recall.

So here he was today, having some fun with a er.. rather large staffie?  I'm sure that's what it was, but she was game for some fun with my little Kung Foo Fighter:

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