Saturday, 2 February 2019

Campaign of Canicross Training

Still too young to do much with bikejoring.  I have however, recently launched a fresh campaign of light canicross training with him.  He's young, and I was really out of condition, having not run much for the past two years.  a series of injuries acting perhaps as excuses not to train.  We started short - just a run of 1.25 miles, but we are building up distance, as he grows, and my VO2 max increases.  We have so far completed nine sessions of canicross run training, and we are now up to a distance of 2.3 miles. It's the best running campaign that I've had for a few years, since I use to run with a lurcher and a whippet.  I feel that we've cracked it again.  Looking forward to some longer distances.

Here's Byker on Run 9 at Holt Country Park, I'm taking a breather, while he surveys the horses.  He's looking good!

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